Thursday, February 09, 2012

Healing Arts by FadaMoranga

Welcome to my Healing Arts!

Please take a look at my new project . Thank you so much!

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Enjoy the colours!

Friday, June 24, 2011

6th year blogging and celebrating Fairy Day!!!

June 24
It´s Fairy Day and this blog's 6th birthday!

Welcome to the party!
Join the magic and have a piece of cake!!! 

Also celebrating here!
Thank you for coming.  :-)*¤t=zr2-inspiration-fairy-tale-comments-beauties-flowers-sowa-Love-fairytale_large.jpg&sort=ascending

Did you know? 

Only certain people can see faeries. This gift is called "Faery Sight".
All cats have Faery Sight by nature.
Cats are very jealous of faeries.
If you want to know where the faeries live in your house, follow your cat.

If you make a tea of marigold flowers and wash your eyelids with it, you may see faeries.
Midsummer Eve, at twilight, is the best time to see faeries.
Look for faeries where Oak Trees grow. "Faery folks live in Old Oaks."
Unicorns live in apple orchards.

Faeries are attracted to bowls of milk. 
Faeries are very fearful of anything made of iron.
Faeries wear clothing made of foxglove flowers. Foxglove is also called "faerie's petticoats".
A circle of mushrooms is called a faery circle, a sure sign of faery activity.

Sometimes faeries disguise themselves as dragonflies, rabbits, wrens, deer or bees.
Yellow butterflies are messengers from Faerieland.
A stone with a ring around it is called a faery stone and holds much magic.
So is a stone with a hole through it.
The Queen of the Faeries is called Queen Maeve, her other names are Mab and Mabd. 

Join the Club!

See what other Fairy Houses builders are up to – even around the world!
Upload photos of your own Fairy Houses for other Club members to see
Vote on your favourite Fairy Houses submitted by other Club Members – yours could be a winner too!

Have a piece of sweet colour!
 Twig and Zinia


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