Monday, December 20, 2010

Let your inner child sing Do Re Mi!

is a Japanese singer 
and hostess in “Do-Re-Mi no TV”.

This NHK educational program
has been awarded the 
Grand Prize of Good Design 2004 
and is 100% Japanese.

Be brave and enter this magical world!

Follow your heart, click the objects and have fun!

The little blue bird will bring you Home safe  :-)

Do - Re - Mi

(click to watch the videos)

click here to watch more videos

(click the water drops and the birds in the site to find more music scores)

(playable in Region2 - Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East (including Egypt)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fada Moranga loves Fantastic Toys!

Timothy Haugen, the author

"I love designing and making toys! It allows me to combine all my favorite artistic activities such as sculpting, drawing and sewing.

My career as a toy maker began over 5 years ago making miniature dolls and puppets. Soon after that I discovered the world of plush and quickly became enamored with the awesome cuteness.

My toys seem to bring out the antsy pants feeling of being a kid in a toy store. Whether it may be just a smile or squeals of delight, they make people happy. Inspired by Japanese crafts my kawaii (japanese for super cute) softies are my spin of the indie plush craze.

Each collectible toy is handmade from my original patterns. My soft toys may start as a sketch or just an idea. The process of making a pattern can be at times difficult and may take several attempts to achieve the desired look of a character. Felt is the material I mainly work with. I enjoy felt because its easy to work with and has a long history in the toy industry.

I have imagined a world of sweet forest dwellers that include forest folk, fawns and critters with a playful and whimsical spirit.

Whenever possible I use eco friendly materials to construct my plush. Because some toys have small parts they are best suited for display. They are not recommended for small children. I hope you enjoy my toys as much as I like making them."

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pocoyo is in New York!!!

Ice skating at the Rockefeller Center rink

Pocoyo is thrilled to spend his First American Christmas in one of the United States’ most celebrated cities, New York, also known as
“The Big Apple.”

To celebrate the holiday season, Pocoyo is inviting his new American fans to share in his exploration of New York City with a
“25 Days of Christmas” promotion.

click to watch the video

Pocoyo outside the famous Empire State Building

On his way to the top!

The Empire State Building

Pocoyo’s adventures in “The Big Apple” will be recorded each day in his blog as he visits landmark locations all over New York City.

By following Pocoyo’s New York City adventures, participants and their children can experience and discover the most iconic destinations in “The Big Apple” during the city’s most exciting time of the year… the holiday season.

Pocoyo wants everyone to join in on his 
 holiday celebration at Pocoyo World!

Then you will receive a free upgrade to 
Pocoyo World’s Premium Club :)

(1) Go to
(2) Click to Play Pocoyoworld (top right of the screen)
(3) Follow steps to register
(4) Input code USXM3DSTCGDY in the code machine.


(click to view large)

Pocoyo World


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet Yuki & Nina!

Yuki is 9 and has spent her entire life in France
with her French father and Japanese mother. 

Suddenly, she is told that her parents are getting divorced and has no more than a few weeks to move to Japan with her mother, leaving everything behind in Paris, beginning with her best friend, Nina. 

Nina, who lives with her divorced mother, helps Yuki write a letter in the name of the Love Fairy to implore her parents to think twice. 

Finally, running away seems the only solution. 
Their new destination is the forest.

click to watch the french trailer

Shop Yuki & Nina's DVD  (japanese only)

Festival de Cannes -- Directors' Fortnight
Sales: Films Distribution
Production: Presented by Ad Vitam Distribution, produced by Comme des Cinemas, co-produced by Les Films du Lendemain, Arte, Bitters End
Cast: Noe Sampy, Arielle Moutel, Marilyne Canto, Hippolyte Giradot
Directors-screenwriters-editors: Nobuhiro Suwa, Hippolyte Giradot
Director of photography: Josee Deshales
Production designers: Emmanuel de Chauvigny, Veronique Barneoud, China Suzuki
Music: Foreign Office
Costume designers: Jean Charline Tomlinson, Miwako Kobayashi
No rating, 93 minutes

Monday, November 15, 2010

Join Balloonacy!

Balloonacy, the race
across the internet originally run in 2008.
The first campaign involved 40,000 virtual hot air balloon travelers
visiting 3,000 different sites and 63 million internet miles
in a mad two-week race to win a group vacation in Ibiza.

The 2010 Balloonacy race
runs for two weeks, starting November 8th,
with prizes including trips to Kenya, 
Egypt or a safari park in the south of England.

The creators of this game -  POKE  - tell us more about it.

"Back in 2008, we made a game with Orange called Balloonacy. Lots of you played it, loved it and told your friends about it. Now it’s back for seconds, but this time, it’s a race to the end of the internet. And it’s happening right now.

The great internet balloon race is set across four stages: tree tops, clouds, space and deep space. Once you’ve picked a balloon and given it a name, you’ll fly it across a racecourse that’s made up of lots of lovely people’s websites and blogs.

By grabbing air and waving at each other, you can go faster through the course and give yourself a better chance of bagging the first prize of a holiday to Kenya and a balloon ride across the Masai Mara. On the way, you’ll bump into pesky UFOs, jellyfish and bees trying to slow you down. Plus there are lots of mini games and challenges dotted around to get your teeth into.

We like to think of Balloonacy as a celebration of everything that’s wonderful about this thing called the web. And we’re really rather excited for everyone who’s going to a part of something a little bit special over the next nine days."

click to watch the videos

We can still have some fun! 
If you own a site or a blog you can also host the game.

Pick your balloon and join this race!
 And please - wave at me!!! :-)

Good luck!


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