Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Timmy Time!

Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn.

He can be a bit of a handful but only because he’s eager and enthusiastic.
He has just turned three (in sheep years) and being the 'only lamb in the flock', Timmy has been used to getting his own way.

Self-willed and mischievous, Timmy is going to the nursery and will have to learn how to share things with the other little animals and think about their feelings – not just his own.

A gifted little footballer, he needs to learn that it’s not enough to kick the ball – you have to pass it too if you want to play a game with your friends.

Come meet Timmy and his friends!




Saturday, November 07, 2009

A tree house for my Birthday!

Yes, it’s me, Fada Moranga, and this is how I look in YoVille.
Come celebrate this special day at my wonderful tree house!
I have been decorating it just in time for my birthday 
(I also went to the hair salon)

Meet my kitty MaryPaula and my little dog Beefy

Click and join the party!

You just need to have a facebook or myspace account

A virtual world on Facebook.
Here you bake yummy cakes at the Sweets Factory,
play games and chat in a virtual world you help to build.
Add me as your neighbour and have fun!





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