Friday, August 07, 2009

Doodle Birdie!

Doodle Bird Designs

“My name is Patricia Buzo, and I am owned by my perfect little feathered baby Nani - a Black Headed Caique parrot."

"I have loved to create things for as long as I can remember. However, others have not always appreciated my "creations". For example, as a child I just loved to decorate my walls with elaborate crayon drawings. For some reason my parents didn't find them as beautiful as I did. Or there was my sewing phase, when one my mom's dresses had the perfect fabric for that doll blanket I was making. I couldn't understand why she was so upset, I mean the hole wasn't THAT big.

As I got older, though, my artistic abilities were encouraged and I attended a local art school through much of my high school years. I'm sort of a jack of all trades. I do murals, small scale paintings, assemblages, collages, cards, wood carving, and so on.

I have owned my own mural painting business for 8 years, but now I am taking my art back to my "roots", doing smaller scale paintings of subject matter that inspire me.

I took Nani home in July of 2008. Nani has brought with her the gifts of song, love, and laughter brightening every day. She has been an inspiration for me to keep on doing what I love: creating something that will bring a little joy to someone else.”

Monday, August 03, 2009

Boopsie Daisy!

Boopsie Daisy

“My name is Missy: Cheeky monkey, scribbler, screwball, clutterbug, night owl, nerd and crybaby.

I love belly laughter, books, light cast by birthday candles, and when I die I'd like to come back as a corset. I have 2 beautiful babies, Ashton and Sadie, the little candy apples of my eye. My husband is my oxygen, my children are my vitamins, and friendship is the fuel of my existence.

I live in pigtails, go to work in my pajamas, and swear that chocolate milk runs through my veins. In short, you could sum me up by saying I have a cluttered heart, my head in the clouds, and a crush on every god damn thing that moves. :)

I'm a small town girl who'll probably always be happy staying close to home, but if I were still single and not already blissfully tied down to the husband of my wildest dreams and the disgustingly perfect kids we produced, I'd pack my bags and live like a gypsy.

I really feel conscious every moment of how fast life moves and quick it can end so from the second I get out of bed every morning to the minute I lay my head on the pillow at night I try to do as much living and loving as I can, right down to each sentence I write or way I wear my hair.

I like to consider myself Buddhist, but I believe in God and just about everything else. The simple Buddhist lifestyle and mind frame is my ultimate goal, though as someone with such a scattered mind who acquires new mental and material junk each day, I've a long way to go for that.

I rarely ever buy clothes new and collect everything from vintage squeak toys to bizarre or striking images from magazines for my journals, collages, and insatiable greed for beauty. Besides my family, food and friends are my LIFE.

Nothing beats a giant plate of something scrumptious or a friend to goof around, giggle and gab with - or better yet - both at the same time! I just wish the majority of mine weren't spread across the globe.

I find it impossible to be bored, even without a soul or book around for miles, for I can always climb inside my head and feel content there with the disarray inside. Whether it's dreaming up my next tattoo or just getting lost in how lovely the sun is hitting something, I never run out of things to ponder.

I love people. Watching them, studying them, memorizing their ways and their wonders, but still know how to appreciate being by myself. I've been a loner and a misfit as far back as my mind will take me and kinda love that quiet and the space. Could spend my life in a library, movie theater, darkroom, art store, or anywhere with an ocean view and have far too much of my time and heart tied-up in good TV and favorite celebs.

Still, my strongest addictions are laughing, thinking, growing, and in life, I draw my deepest inspiration from anyone who really understands how lucky they are to be here on this crazy planet. “

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