Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm 4 today!!!


This is my birthday cake!

Chocokid will be served in this fairy pot today...

Come join me in the garden!

Pick your seat!

1 cake is never enough... :-)

Thank you so much for coming to my party!

Don't forget to take a piece of cake home with you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrating 4 blogging years!!!

What has my inner child
been up to in the last 4 years?

This is what!

(and I could show you a lot more...)

1. Centro Coracao, 2. Fruity Chocolate, 3. Moranga 04, 4. projecto AnaMaria 05, 5. Fada Moranga's heart,

6. Lotsa de Casha's portrait, 7. Fada Moranga's portrait, 8. Fada Moranga 0040, 9. Projecto Lotsa de Casha 416,

10. Turquoise fish, 11. Milu, the little frog 02, 12. Black Moranga, 13. Flying fish 02

1. My baby snail!, 2. L, 3. Bird tree, 4. July 9th, 5. Moranga,

6. Merry Christmas!!!, 7. Inner landscape, 8. Light 028, 9. 0062,

10. Ana 03, 11. Rose Tree, 12. Sara, the little seahorse, 13. Fada Moranga's "Hipo, the Crab"

1. Heart Hug, 2. 80!, 3. Watercolour, 4. AnaMaria'sApple02, 5. London fresia,

6. Pink Sparkle, 7. Sweet dew, 8. New Year's Laundry, 9. Pink Laundry,

10. Green Dew, 11. EasterDew, 12. MagicPond, 13. Quinta da Regaleira 0047

1. Snail Mandala, 2. Hello!!!, 3. Neon snail!, 4. Where is my rubber ducky?, 5. Snail phone,

6. Snail fever!, 7. The Bremen Snails :-), 8. New carpet, 9. This kid doesn't want a bath...,

10. So awake!, 11. Snail party!, 12. New Year's kiss!, 13. The snail mechanics

Hello friends!

Let's have a toast with ChocoKid!

Don´t forget the cakes!!!

My selection

I wish to thank all the lovely visitors

for your love and support!

This party is dedicated to your inner child.

Want some more cake? There's another party coming on the 30th! :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Organic Babies!

Hannah and Tim were parents to a baby daughter!

At that point they wanted to protect their vulnerable child, but didn't know what clothes they should buy. They were looking for alternatives to conventional cotton.

Why did they choose organic cotton clothes for their baby?

A baby’s skin is up to 5 times thinner than adult skin, they have higher metabolisms and lower weight making them extremely susceptible to absorbing toxins and more sensitive to chemicals (more information). Organic cotton has none of these harmful chemicles and is produced without the use of pesticides making it a much healthier option, especially for infants and those with skin conditions such as eczema.

And this is why Earthlings was born.

Hannah and Tim started a family run business and now specialize in truly organic baby clothes. Earthlings is an ethically conscious brand producing beautiful and environmentally responsible organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and kids. Their designs are made using completely chemical free fabrics and they are committed to trading fairly with all their suppliers throughout the supply chain.

A happy ending!

Becky, their baby daughter is happy, they are happy, kids are happy, Fairtrade is happy, the Earth is happy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fada Moranga loves SamSam!

Meet SamSam,
the smallest of the superheroes!

He lives in SamPlanet
and flies his own SamSaucer into space.
He also deals with dirty-rotten monsters!
Okay, he doesn't quite yet have super powers.
Sometimes he does need a little help from his cuddly SuperTeddy, his friends, SamMummy or SamDaddy.


Serge Bloch

"What amuses me, is amuse everyone else.

I am an amuser.

I want to make people smile with pleasure more than roar with laughter.

Creating means preserving the child in yourself.

Children are born creators, and drawing is a natural means of expression for them.

When I was small, my brothers and sisters played music.

I drew. They said I drew well."


SamSam Making-Of




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