Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fada Moranga loves 64 Zoo Lane!

64 Zoo Lane

Lucy lives next to the local zoo. Every night from her bedroom window, she slides down Georgina the Giraffe's long neck to the zoo below to meet the animals. Each animal has a different tale to tell, and each night they impatiently await their turn.
64 Zoo Lane is a charming animation series by the award winning director and creator An Vrombaut. The program combines intelligent storytelling with a timeless, picture book quality, and features a whole range of diverse characters native to many parts of the world.

Produced by Millimages

64 Zoo Lane has been awarded the following:
Pulcinella Award 2000 - Cartoons of the day. "Outstanding pre-school animation series"
BAFTA 2001 - Nominated for Best pre-school animation
British Animation Awards 2002 - "Best pre-school animation"

Meet the Author: An Vrombaut


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