Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Pink Velvet Christmas!

One day I fell in love with this girl... Velvet!

I also fell in love with her pink blanket...

So Corinne, Velvet’s mommy decided to make me a pillow!

Self portrait, cuddling my new pink pillow made by Corinne

Velvet and Corinne’s Love Story

“I live in London, Ontario. I have a lovely whippet named Velvet Undergrad III. She was given to me from a breeder at an annual dog show in 1997! I believe I was in the right place at the right time. I truly adore the whippet as a pet. I really wanted to have a greyhound, but when I saw the smaller sized sighthound packaged as a whippet...I just could not resist.

In Feb 2005 my whippet Velvet suffered a (multi-focal) Fibro- Cartilagenous Embolism Stroke. When it happened she fell down stairs and could not even move. Her left side was affected; hemi-paresis. Temporarily though!! We were both traumatized by her inability to get up and walk in the very beginning. I rehabilitated her almost non-stop for the next 7 dys. She was shaky & weak, but standing; taking baby steps by the 5th day. She could walk again by 2 wks time. The veterinarian said that Velvet made an amazing recovery, and that most dog owners would have euthan...oh heck, I can't even say that word!

Velvet is no longer able to run really fast like she was used to, she looses her footing. Plus, she has to think of placing her front left paw down for each step she takes. It's kind of sad in a way because she has lost most of her muscle tone and that is why she looks very thin now. Some people think I do not feed her, however, that is clearly the wrong impression because they do not know her health story.I understand the affects of a stroke and how it makes one weak, whether they be a human or dog. Even as a slightly disabled whippet, I still have her with me to love and take care of. Isn't that just the best?”

Corinne aka magneticwun

Their 10th Anniversary
Velvet, 1 year old
London woods, Ontario – Canada (click to enlarge)

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