Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Follow your Star!

Once upon a time there were three wise men.
They were astrologers and studied the sky.
One night, they saw a very bright star.
It was twinkling much more than the other stars.
This was a different star.

Suddenly, the Star moved... and stopped.
And again, it moved... and stopped.

The three wise men had been studying for many years,
and so they knew that something special was happening.
Baby Jesus was born!
They were very excited and decided to followed this playful Star. It would lead them to the Baby.

The three wise men travelled a long way on camels,
carrying precious gifts for the Baby.

One night, the Star stood still.
Bright as ever, it was pointing the spot... the manger
where baby Jesus and his parents were staying.
The three wise men ran to meet the Baby and stood in adoration. It was a magic night!

Each January 6th, we celebrate these three wise men, who studied the sky, and call it Astrologer's Day. They have taught us that great blessings come to our life if we follow what we believe in. Have faith and follow your Star!

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António Rosa said...

Um feliz Dia do Astrólogo. kiss

Fada Moranga said...

Obrigada Antonio!
Estou a por tudo em dia... :-)
Beijo*de Fada


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