Monday, July 13, 2009

Fada Moranga loves Rui Paes!

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Munkebakken House

with his italian Whippet Zaffira

Rui Paes is a Portuguese artist, born in Mozambique. He studied at the Escola de Belas Artes in Oporto and completed an M.A. in painting at the Royal College of Art in London. He now lives in London and Suffolk.

His work, which includes murals and designs for the theatre, is represented in private collections throughout the world, including the historical
Munkebakken house in Oslo, Norway. Lotsa de Casha written by Madonna was his first illustrated book.

Rui was 7 when he was given a box of crayons and started to draw. He escaped to his secret little island, his hideaway, where he would draw and stay for hours. At home, Rui and his siblings could draw on the walls with a piece of chalk (his parents had painted the corridor walls in black).

Animals puzzled him and he had quite a few that lived close to his house. He used to carry a sweet little squirrel inside his shirt almost everywhere. Monkeys were the most intriguing to him – “their hands are so animated and expressive - and when you catch their eye you really expect to hear a little voice telling you something funny or, sometimes, quite profound.”


Astrid Annabelle said...

O que comentar a respeito de algo tão belo?
Maravilhoso post...maravilhoso trabalho de Rui Paes!
Viajei no tempo...
Beijos mágicos
Astrid Annabelle

António Rosa, José said...


Gostei de conhecer parte do trabalho deste moçambicano.



FadaMoranga said...

Astrid, pois... o que dizer duma alma assim?

Não se comenta, não se diz... sente-se!

O trabalho do Rui põe-nos nas núvens! :-)

Bem haja!

FadaMoranga said...

António, de Moçambique tinha que sair coisa boa! :-))


marcelo dalla said...

Kind of old-fashion, wonderfull work!!! When I grow up I'd be like him! rsrsrs kisses

Maria de Fátima said...

Olá Fadinha, os animais tão lindos vestidos como se fossem pessoas.Adorei o trabalho deste belo artista.Beijocas.

Fada Moranga said...

Olá Marcelo! Andou a beber Chocokid inglês!... :-)))

Sim! É mesmo wonderful!!!
Eu já juntei aguarelas ao Chocokid mas não consegui fazer nada parecido... :-))


Fada Moranga said...

Olá Mimi!

Que engraçado... Nunca tinha pensado em animais vestidos de pessoas, vejo sempre pessoas com cabeça de animal... :-)))

É mesmo um belo artista. À antiga!

Samsara said...

Fiquei maravilhada minha amiga, muito bom.

Onde é que vais desencantar estas coisas??


sandra.d. said...

ohh, dear fadinha, this is amazing post! he is great artist!
u are beautiful!

FadaMoranga said...

SamPat, eu desencanto aquilo que me encanta! :-))

O Rui Paes tem o poder de maravilhar as nossas almas!

Bem hajas!

FadaMoranga said...

Hello my dear Sandra!

You are always so sweet, sweet Sandrina :-))

Yes, Rui Paes' work is amazing! When he was a child his dream was to paint like the great masters... He did it!

Thank you so much for your lovely visit!

sandra.d. said...


FadaMoranga said...

Sweet Sandrina! :-)))*****


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