Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fada Moranga loves Fantastic Toys!

Timothy Haugen, the author

"I love designing and making toys! It allows me to combine all my favorite artistic activities such as sculpting, drawing and sewing.

My career as a toy maker began over 5 years ago making miniature dolls and puppets. Soon after that I discovered the world of plush and quickly became enamored with the awesome cuteness.

My toys seem to bring out the antsy pants feeling of being a kid in a toy store. Whether it may be just a smile or squeals of delight, they make people happy. Inspired by Japanese crafts my kawaii (japanese for super cute) softies are my spin of the indie plush craze.

Each collectible toy is handmade from my original patterns. My soft toys may start as a sketch or just an idea. The process of making a pattern can be at times difficult and may take several attempts to achieve the desired look of a character. Felt is the material I mainly work with. I enjoy felt because its easy to work with and has a long history in the toy industry.

I have imagined a world of sweet forest dwellers that include forest folk, fawns and critters with a playful and whimsical spirit.

Whenever possible I use eco friendly materials to construct my plush. Because some toys have small parts they are best suited for display. They are not recommended for small children. I hope you enjoy my toys as much as I like making them."


Astrid Annabelle said...

Isso eu amei Fada querida!
Vivo mesmo em um mundo encantado!
Sua pergunta para a entrevista foi incluída viu?
Te enviei um email.
Beijos e mais beijos.
E viva o Chocokid!!!!!!!!!
Astrid Annabelle

Fantastic Toys said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful feature! Fantastic Toys loves Fada Moranga! :)

António Rosa said...

Boa tarde,

Só agora consegui chegar aqui para te agradecer o apoio que deste à nossa entrevista coletiva à Astrid, quer participando com a tua pergunta, quer estando presente na nossa 'festa'.

Gostei muito de te sentir e saber Presente.

Votos de Festas Felizes.

Muito obrigado,


Maria de Fátima said...

Olá querida Fadinha, adorei ver estes bonecos todos, são lindos demais.Festas felizes para ti e para os teus.Beijocas grandes.

Fada Moranga said...

Querida Astrid, sou fã do Timothy há anos! É um artista maravilhoso e tãoo delicado! Uma perfeição.
Bem haja por tudo.
Viva o Chocokid sim! ;-)

Fada Moranga said...

Dear Timothy, I thank You!
I couldn't do it without your incredible talent! :-)
Fada Moranga really loves Fantastic Toys! :-)*

Fada Moranga said...

António, não tem que agradecer.
Fiz a pergunta que queria e tive a resposta que secretamente desejava :-)
Um grande bem haja por tudo.
Bom descanso, BoasFestas e muita saudinha!

Fada Moranga said...

Querida Mimi, vale mesmo a pena conhecer este artista! Maravilhoso!
Bem hajas e Festas Felizes para ti também!


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