Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fada Moranga loves CRANKBUNNY!

The artist, in her own words

My name is Norma V Toraya and the species of rabbitfish before you is called a "Crankbunny".

I live in NYC and work as an animation director. People hire me to make them commercials, tv intros, music videos, projections, etc. I also work on my own personal films, build mechanical paper puppets, and run a small shop. I've lived in a bunch of different cities. I have a big finearts and film/animation background - yet ironically I have a fear of movie theatres.

My work is a layering of traditional techniques like hand drawn animation, under-the-camera, painting, and pixilation / stop-motion with a digital mishmosh of live-action compositing.
I'm a big fan of instinct. My friends and family all share the same frustration of not being able to get ahold of me - go figure. 

Excerpt from the fancy bio - "Some things in life are slick, polished and blatantly obvious. But for Norma V. Toraya, who's also known as Crankbunny, these are exactly the things she shies away from. Instead, she's more inclined to explore timeless concepts like subtly, curiousity, texture and awkwardness. Her hand-drawn and computer-animated creations are often described as dark, sometimes noir and always magical." 






Paper puppetry has never had someone so zealously dedicated until Paul Palooza started exploring its rare curiosities. A very small quirky world filled with amazing creatures, unusual storylines and enchanted paperie. Puppets have mansions. Dancers are made out of paper. Animals threw massive parties. Giant sea creatures boring people into panic. The universe of paper puppets needed someone like Paul Palooza to expose this wonderful impossibility of very handy craftwork.

Paper Puppet Palooza is a craft book that will show you how to make a wide variety of paper puppets, marionettes, dolls, toys, shadow puppets and gifts.

Paper Puppet Palooza by Norma V. Toraya
Paper-Puppet-Palooza on Amazon




Astrid Annabelle said...

Fada querida!
Que lindo!!!!
Adorei a borboleta, a boxer...só pode ser fêmea!!!Enfim tudo é bonito demais!!!
E por onde andas amiga????
Trabalhando muito???
beijo grande
Astrid Annabelle

Fada Moranga said...

Querida Astrid!
É mesmo tudo liiindo! :-)
Ando em remodelações...Depois lhe contarei.
Um grande bem haja por tudo!

Baby Bedding said...

All are good but specialy I like first one its amazing.


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