Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you Bento?

Bento is a meal,
usually served in a thin box,
made of plastic or lacquered wood,
divided into sections which contain
small individual portions of food.

Fun food for your soul!
Try it!

Lunch - Happy Family




vintage mum said...

What amazing food the hello Kitty is too good to eat :)
I found your blog by accident looking for a fairy cake pic hope you don't mind I have used it on my blog.lovely to meet you

Astrid Annabelle said...

Muito muito lindo e apetitoso Fada querida!
Ai me deu uma fominha!!!!
Beijo grande querida!
Astrid Annabelle

Zara said...

Hi, I've searched for treehouses and it led me to your wonderful blog! Woow, how amazingly looking this food styling is! I've never seen anything like that before!
I'd feel pity eating it:)) Thank you for sharing!

Fada Moranga said...

Hello Cate!
Please feel free to use any pics, they're for everyone!
Lovely to meet you too :-)*

Fada Moranga said...

Querida Astrid, prece que este post deu fominha no mundo inteiro... veio tanta gente que resolvi dar mais papinha Bento :-P

Bem haja e um grande beijo*deFada

Fada Moranga said...

Hi Zara!
Thank you so much for your words and welcome to my magic kingdom :-)
Yes, this food is really wonderful and I bet our bodies will feel quite happy eating such beauties.

Indian Recipe Book said...

Wow such lovely crafts you made. It's amazing and a wonderful creativity. When i am in college, always participate in various competitions including that making crafts through vegetables. hhhaahh but i never win that. But now im sure, if at that time i could havesuch creative ideas like this post, then damn sure i'll be the winner. But bad luck...
You are just fantastic dear !!! keep it up!!!


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