Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fada Moranga loves Smarties!

“The 8 Colours of Fun” 
is an advertising campaign promoting  
Smarties chocolates.

Eight children, one for each Smarties colour, 
are paired with eight adult artists, commissioned
by Nestle Astralia to create a work of art inspired by their designated colour.

 The campaign is still online at Facebook and YouTube. Read on for Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple and Green

The Smarties Facebook page includes a downloadable how-to guide with instructions for a colour-related DIY art project for children.

 The campaign was launched with the colour blue, featuring an underwater adventure collaboration between moon-walking Jonathan and singer-songwriter Raymond Wassef. They come up with “Bluewalk”, performed by Raymond’s band, The Ray Man Three.

Ed collaborates with installation artist Mikala Dwyer to create a pink planet,
defying gender stereotypes associated with the colour. 

Karina and pop artist Ebony Bizys work together to make
a collage pop up book featuring the world of red

Phebie and spoken artist Bravo Child combine forces
to tell the story of a yellow disco dancing duck.

Samuel works with video artist Justene Williams to put together
a spicy exploration of the colour orange.

 Ashleigh and choreographer Dale Pope Click
use the colour brown to inspire an organic dance routine.

 Ryan and photographer Thom Kerr Click produce a photograph essay
on cyber punk alien purple disco dancers.

Scarlett and painter Husayein Sami sculpt a large green tree.


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Maria de Fátima said...

Olá querida Fadinha, eu adoro smarties, faz tempo que não os como, risos.Beijocas.


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