Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrating the world of Teletubbies!

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The Teletubbies have been around since 1997! They live in a magical world where they have everything they need. They love each other very much and love to share Big Hugs.

Teletubbies love their house (it is called the tubbytronic superdome, but Teletubbies can't say that). The Teletubbies' house is full of tubbytronic technology making all kinds of funny technological noises. The Teletubbies are "at home" with all the tubbytronic technology in their house and operate it with a joy and confidence.

Just as real children relate to other children the Teletubbies love to watch children playing and their television tummies are a gateway between the two worlds.

Click here to watch the video and take the Teletubby Test

click to play the Noo-noo's Sucky Slurpy Game


Anonymous said...


Gostei muito de termos podido conversar no chat, apesar da net estar muito instável.



Fada Moranga said...

Ola Antonio!
Aqui esta mais o exemplo dum comentario que tinha respondido por email... :-)*


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