Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fada Moranga can't get enough of Shaun!

Join the flock by printing out and making
your own sheep masks!

click to enlarge the masks


Cut out the face and ears. Cut out around the dotted lines inside the face. Thread some string through the holes that are on the side of the mask. Tie this tight so it fits your face snuggly. Glue the ears to the side of your mask, near the eyes. Hurraaah! Put on the mask and Baaaaaa!!!

Shaun the Sheep . com


Drop Ship Queen said...

I LOVE the cut outs! My girls are going to flip when I show them (ages 4 year & 20 months.)

Fada Moranga said...

I flipped too! :-)

Thanks for dropping by, you are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Me and my little sister love shaun the sheep and we adore timmy :)


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