Thursday, April 30, 2009

This dog eats Alphabet Soup!

One day, Martha was accidentally given a bowl of alphabet soup instead of regular dog food. The letters went into her brain and she developed the ability to talk. And boy, did she talk! To keep up her speech, Martha needs periodic doses of alphabet soup. Her family complained that she was talking too much, so she stopped eating her soup and refused to talk. One day a cat burglar broke into her house, and their lives were never the same...

Martha is the star of this tv show. She is outspoken, honest, loyal, kind, and very talkative! Although she is bilingual (speaking human and dog), she sees the world from a dog's point of view. She can also translate what most other animals are saying.

pbskids MarthaSpeaks website


The Martha Speaks TV show is based on the books written and illustrated by Susan Meddaugh. Susan grew up in New Jersey, studied art and illustration, and now lives in Massachusetts with her family — including her dogs of course. Martha was a real dog who lived with Susan and her family. One day, when Susan's son Niko (who was then 7) was eating alphabet soup, he wondered what would happen if they fed the soup to Martha. Would she talk?



António Rosa said...


Gostei de conhecer a Martha. E também já a encontrei no Blogblogs.


Maria de Fátima said...

Olá Fada que história tão engraçada, uma cadela a falar.Beijinhos, bom feriado e bom fim de semana.

Fada Moranga said...

Ola Antonio!
A Martha eh uma beleza!
Ela tambem estah no Blogblogs? :-))
Beijo*de Fada

Fada Moranga said...

Oh Maria de Fatima, toca a dar sopa ah Pantufa! :-))
Seriam ainda mais companheiras!
Bom feriado e fim de semana e beijos***de Fada


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